Welcome to Mount Park Photography. My name is Gurdeep and I am a wedding photographer based in Middlesex, just outside London, UK.

My father was a professional wedding photographer in his younger days and I guess it was only natural that I would eventually follow his keen interest in photography, albeit in the digital age of photography. Starting from a passing interest, to then capturing weddings, as a second shooter, with my friends, my love of photography has grown and encouraged, by friends and family, I decided to go it alone into world of photography, something i've never looked back on.

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The most important part of any wedding is the happy couple, their family and guests. My photography style tries to reflect this; relaxed, unobtrusive whilst capturing all the sentiment of the wonderful day, from start to finish.They say a picture can tell a thousand words and wedding photography to me, is about capturing those words and memories as faithfully as possible. A wedding is just the perfect story of love, warmth, celebration and pure natural emotion.

My photography style is favoured towards a more natural and relaxed documentary/journalistic approach, not one where I am telling you where to look or how to stand. I watch, anticipate and capture every moment of your wedding - after all, you put so much effort into planning it, you should enjoy it and remember it!

As a wedding photographer, to be successful, you always have to ask yourself - does this take you back to where it all happened? Does it recreate the warmth, emotion and love that you felt at that time?

As a digital wedding photographer, capturing the images is only part of the journey. I have a real passion for editing pictures and I love working with them to make sure they do your wedding day the justice that they deserve - it is all part of the art of the modern age of wedding photography

Your story is already being written, I am just here to publish it

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” — Karl Lagerfeld