The pictures are beautiful and we are so happy with what you captured. You made us feel very relaxed and my family really loved your approach
— Gagan & Kiran

Hey there, I’m Gurdeep Panesar. I’m a wedding and family photographer living and working in West London, UK.


Originally, born and raised in Glasgow, I moved to London in 2007 at the age of 24. Born to Sikh parents, who emmigrated to the UK in the 1950's, I often get funny looks down South, who don't often expect to hear a broad Scottish accent with a face like mine! I like to think that makes me fairly unique, or at least rare around these parts! I've been a keen photographer for a number of years and really took a more serious interest after my own wedding in 2011. Since then I've really tried to learn and hone the art of story telling through images, which is central to wedding photography and photography as a whole; especially in the absence of words - its a true work of love for me to capture the emotion of each day or photoshoot as it unfolds.

Gurdeep Panesar

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

- Karl Lagerfield


Clients feel relaxed with my unobtrusive shooting style which results in natural, honest images.

Each wedding, each couple, each location, each family is unique, with their own emotions and beauty; to document these intangible qualities in a unique and special way is what drives me.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and view my work.







Please feel free to drop me a note on anything and everything and i’ll get back to you in a flash (excuse the pun!)

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